American Internet Exchange® (AIX®)
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150ft Wireless Tower + Point-to-Point Internet Connectivity
Business-Class Internet Services

Wireless Tower & Point-to-Point Services

American Internet Exchange® (AIX®), also known as Amerinex®, is a Wireless Internet Services Provider (WISP) of traditional Business Class internet connectivity to local customers in Northern Virginia. Internet connections can be delivered directly to your business by way of point-to-point T1, T3, fiber optic, metro ethernet, and wireless circuits. With multiple Tier1 global service provider backbone networks connected to our carrier-neutral access points, Amerinex offers scalable business-class data center solutions, server colocation, private cloud services, secure Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), and web hosting services that are connected to the Nexus of the Internet™ through dark fiber and our private 150ft telecommunications tower. 

Amerinex has over a thousand network peering points, and with all the carriers operating out of “Data Center Alley” in Loudoun County, Virginia, businesses can connect directly to the network servicing their customers or distant offices with ultra-fast “Layer 2” Metro Ethernet connections. Step away from a shared cloud environment that places multiple customers at risk, and choose our highly secured private cloud environment where your information is safer knowing you are operating independently on your own server with 24/7 security by our network engineers.

Amerinex wireless services provides you with hardware leases (radios, computers, electronics), performs installation of the equipment, and provides customers with hardware replacements and maintenance in support of our point-to-point wireless internet service leases. In addition to our private point-to-point wireless services, Amerinex also offers advanced router (connect different media & architectures, best path, filtering), switch (faster backbone, VLANing for logical segmentation), firewall, VPN, web hosting, and server colocation services.

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Interconnection Cross-Connect Dynamics

Amerinex’s cross-connect dynamics for our colocation packages includes redundancies to protect against network failures and low-latency access to a carrier-neutral colocation environment. Independent of any one network, hardware, or software vendor, Amerinex provides our customers an affordable colocation package that has access 600+ telecom carriers. With a global footprint, Amerinex provides customers with multiple network connection points to help streamline operations that best support the business.

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