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About Amerinex Colocation, Hosting & Data Center Services

The American Internet Exchange - Amerinex (a division of Technology Advancement Group®, Inc. - TAG®), offers Tier-1 managed Internet hosting and data center colocation services for companies, both large and small,  that are looking for Business-Class data center hosting and colocation services. As a premiere colocation provider, Amerinex gives you secure, reliable access to your business servers by providing server colocation in our secure data centers. With the right colocation plan, Amerinex gives you the ability to lower fixed costs and takes the focus away from having to manage and maintain an IT hosting and colocation infrastructure. Your business is free to focus on day-to-day operations, becoming more efficient and flexible. Today’s modern companies need the latest IT solutions and with the right data center hosting and colocation services from Amerinex your business can gain technological and cost advantages that help streamline operations.

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The American Internet Exchange Story

Since 1988 Technology Advancement Group, Inc. (TAG) has specialized in designing custom computer systems for the United States government. Two years later, TAG decided to make available the same computer systems to the general public for the same discounted government price. Though the lower pricing was hardly “disruptive” it was low enough to create a response that was so immediate that by the following week TAG had moved to a larger facility. Now TAG is doing it all over again but this time with respect to its Internet colocation offering through its American Internet Exchange (AIX) or Amerinex brand. It is offering, at a disruptive price, colocation at the Nexus of the Internet world.

Amerinex disrupts that paradigm. With Amerinex a POP at the Nexus of the Internet world incurs a commitment of only $175, a commitment that is two orders of magnitude (100 fold) less than the going rate. This changes everything!

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The American Internet Exchange Story

Why TAG?

TAG was started 30 years ago to provide an experience for the prospective customer that is unique and wonderful. The biggest fear that anyone has when making a purchase is that of making a wrong decision. A wrong decision carries much risk. A wrong decision can wipe out a year’s worth of effort and profit. A wrong decision can cost one his or her job. A wrong decision can close a business.

This is never more evident and experienced than in the high-technology business. For those without a lifetime passion in electronics and without a formal education such as a Master’s in Electrical Engineering degree, high technology can appear as magic. It is not. More often than not the prospective customer is not totally familiar with the technology and what it can and cannot do. TAG’s mission is to lessen if not totally remove the prospective customer’s fear and to provide a safe haven where the prospective customer can be assured that placing its trust in TAG is the right decision. The magic of high technology is then dispelled and its mystery revealed.

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The American Internet Exchange Story

Amerinex Data Center and Colocation Infrastructure

With today’s increased hosting and colocation data center demands, the American Internet Exchange maintains a private colocation data center cage at the Equinix® Ashburn, VA data center facility.  In addition to the Equinix® colocation data center space, Amerinex maintains 2 additional hosting data center colocation facilities on their 8-acre Technology Campus located in heart of Northern Virginia’s Dulles Technology Corridor. This allows your business to take advantage of reliable colocation services, improved bandwidth, streamline costs, and secure your data. Costly in-house IT infrastructure requires a large investment in both time and resources, let Amerinex colocation services give your business the flexibility to become more agile and responsive while at the same time lower operating costs.

Still not sure of the benefits? Call us today to talk about the right server colocation plan for your business. Let the colocation services experts at Amerinex help your business develop the IT solution that meets your server hosting and colocation needs.

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Amerinex Data Center Colocation

Colocation Hosting Services and Solutions

The American Internet Exchange maintains 3 carrier neutral colocation data center facilities with access to 600 Telecom carriers allowing your business to scale and grow to meet  today’s Internet bandwidth demands. Our hosting and colocation facilities adhere to strict security DoD standards and are audited annually. Whether your requirements are 1U, 2U, quarter rack, half rack, or full rack, our facilities provide you with flexible term options for your colocation and data center hosting requirements.

We understand that companies look for partners that can help them improve services and streamline costs and with colocation services from Amerinex you will have a premiere colocation services partner for your IT hosting and colocation solutions. We are experts in business IT infrastructure and have Tier-1, reliable bandwidth connections that deliver more for your IT budget. As a result, we can provide fast, affordable and reliable server colocation hosting with secure data transmissions at a more affordable rate than most in-house solutions.

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Colocation Hosting Services and Solutions

Wireless Tower and Point-to-Point Services

In addition to our customized colocation, hosting, and dedicated workspace solutions, Amerinex also offers traditional Business Class internet connectivity. Internet connections can be delivered directly to your business by way of point-to-point T1, T3, fiber optic, metro ethernet, and wireless circuits. Amerinex wireless services provides you with hardware leases (radios, computers, electronics), performs installation of the equipment, and provides customers with hardware replacements and maintenance in support of our point-to-point wireless internet service leases. In addition to our private point-to-point wireless services, Amerinex also offers advanced router (connect different media & architectures, best path, filtering), switch (faster backbone, VLANing for logical segmentation), firewall, VPN, web hosting, and server colocation services. Step away from a shared cloud environment that places multiple customers at risk, and choose our highly secured private cloud environment where your information is safer knowing you are operating independently on your own server with 24/7 security by our network engineers.

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150ft Telecommunications AIX Tower

Business Continuity Services and Solutions

With the American Internet Exchange, your data center hosting and colocation presence can extend from New York and Washington, D.C. on the east coast to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle on the west coast allowing for the continuation of business in the event there’s a disaster; Amerinex provides full disaster recovery so your critical IT infrastructure is protected.  

With colocation and hosting services headquartered in Northern Virginia’s Dulles Technology Corridor outside of Washington, D.C., the American Internet Exchange has colocation and data center hosting facilities just minutes from the Dulles International Airport.  Major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles have the perfect continuation of business (COB) landing zone for a colocation and hosting disaster recovery solution.

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Reliable Coast-to-Coast Business Continuity Services and Solutions

Web and Brand Development Services

Amerinex offers full service web management and brand development services to help businesses succeed online. Our team will design the web application, manage the deployment and maintenance of the program, and promote the business through a number of internet advertising channels. We work with companies of all sizes, and have a professional team of experienced IT specialists who develop cutting-edge web designs, provide computer systems installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, and deploy secure communication platforms to protect web applications. Amerinex also provides customers with the opportunity to lease the computer hardware and software needed to run the web services as well as domain acquisition, management, and security services.


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Experienced Web Development Services


Loudoun County is Now the “Nexus of the Internet”

The County’s current network infrastructure routes 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic. Most of this Internet traffic is concentrated in 56 data centers located in the northeastern quadrant of the County. This area has become known as “Data Center Alley.” There are over a thousand network peering points at the Nexus of the Internet. Carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, Comcast, and Cox, all have a significant investment and data center presence in Loudoun County, Virginia, at the Nexus of the Internet.

In the coming years, more data centers are being planned and constructed here. With so many networks at one place, businesses can connect directly to the network servicing their customer or distant office. These fast connections are known as “Layer 2” Metro Ethernet and allow for a business to establish private point-to-point Ethernet connections.

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