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Why TAG?
30 Years of Engineering Solutions Through Innovation™
Dulles, Virginia

Technology Advancement Group, Inc. (TAG)

TAG was started 30 years ago to provide an experience for the prospective customer that is unique and wonderful. The biggest fear that anyone has when making a purchase is that of making a wrong decision. A wrong decision carries much risk. A wrong decision can wipe out a year’s worth of effort and profit. A wrong decision can cost one his or her job. A wrong decision can close a business.

This is never more evident and experienced than in the high-technology business. For those without a lifetime passion in electronics and without a formal education such as a Master’s in Electrical Engineering degree, high technology can appear as magic. It is not. More often than not the prospective customer is not totally familiar with the technology and what it can and cannot do. TAG’s mission is to lessen if not totally remove the prospective customer’s fear and to provide a safe haven where the prospective customer can be assured that placing its trust in TAG is the right decision. The magic of high technology is then dispelled and its mystery revealed.

For 30 years TAG accomplishes this mission by connecting the customer directly with its experts and in particular with its owner, in a personal way. Most companies never let their customers actually talk with their senior engineers much less with their owners. At TAG, the owner is available to each and every customer 24 hours a day for every day of the year, for life. If the customer ever has a concern or problem with a TAG product or service, the owner will personally see that it is made right. In this respect TAG is without peer. A customer is never told that there is nothing that can be done. Something can always be done. It may not be free, but it can be done. What the customer actually buys from TAG is inconsequential since the real value lies in the personal relationship and guarantee from its owner for life. The TAG website displays “Service Matters” as one of its service marks since, when you get right down to it that is all that matters.

Nothing is perfect. There are always problems, especially in the high technology business. The measure of the character of a business lies in how it deals with these adversities or “challenges.” Here are five examples of challenges and how TAG’s fanatical dedication to its customer responded to each.

(1) A customer was to receive his custom-built computer on a particular Saturday and complications arose that threatened to push back the delivery. The customer was asked if a very late delivery was still acceptable and the customer stated that it was since he would be watching “Saturday Night Live” that night and it ends at one a.m. Sunday morning. TAG continued to work the problem, get the customer’s new custom computer built and tested and personally delivered to a residence in Haymarket, VA before the end of the show. The customer was ecstatic.

(2) A customer picked up his new computer on a Saturday and discovered the following morning that its tape drive did not function properly. Even though TAG was closed, he called that Sunday and the owner opened up an otherwise closed store, met the customer at the store, and repaired the computer while the customer watched, all the while the owner’s family waited at the marina to go boating. The customer had expected to leave a voicemail when he had called.

(3) TAG’s service policy with respect to the arcade machines it once fielded was such that as soon as a service call was received, the customer would still receive the income that the equipment would have generated had it been working from the time of the call. This clearly puts the onus on TAG to send someone out to repair the machine immediately.

(4) In order to meet an urgent deadline, TAG flew three high-end servers via commercial airliner to Texas. Upon arrival, the customer stated that there was a problem. In response TAG immediately sent its chief engineer that same day, on Christmas Eve, to Texas to solve the problem at no cost.

(5) A TAG customer that had bought hundreds of TAG servers began to experience a problem with several power supplies. An investigation by TAG discovered that the power supply’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) had erred in its calibration and quality procedures on a certain batch of its serialized units. The customer was concerned that the warranty on many of its TAG servers was about to expire. TAG assured the customer that any of its TAG power supplies that develop problems can be returned to TAG and exchanged for another for free for life.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service Matters™